[RESOLVED] Multiple calls on SIP channel

If I understand SIP, it’s possible (often simple) to have multiple connections through one client/account. Like instant messaging, you can chat with more than one person at a time.

Does Asterisk support multiple connections on a single SIP channel?

to clarify, if I’m currently on a call using my FWD account SIP Channel, and someone calls me on that account, will asterisk answer and route to other extensions/ voicemail? or will the Channel just pass a busy signal?

I’m having difficulty testing it right now, and can’t tell either way.

by default asterisk will have no problem sending in as many calls as you want in. For instance if you have a sip account that goes to an IVR and three people call it they will all get the IVR. Now there can be a limitation on the providers side. I dont know what FWD’s policy is. It could be that if you have one channel coming in then they wont send you anymore.

Thanks Dovid, that’s all I needed to know.