Asterisk Reatime and SBC Problems

Hi All

If this is the incorrect place or people can suggest a better forum to post I would be most grateful.

I am using an SBC with our * server. All end points register via the SBC to the * server.
The sip_buddies table has an entry for user 1111 and user 2222. User 1111 is able to register and make calls without any problems.

As soon as I register 2222 user 1111 stops being able to make any calls. If I remove user 1111 from the RT database and have the entry in the sip.conf reload and re-register then this user will work fine as will user 2222 (still running from RT)

In my sip.conf I have the following (although I have tried without these):


When the users are registered my CLI output shows: ( = Internal IP of SBC)

2222/2222 D 5060 Unmonitored
1111/1111 D 5060 Unmonitored

The Realtime Database shows:

fullcontact: sip:1111@;transport=UDP
fullcontact: sip:2222@;transport=UDP

When I try to make a call from phone 1111 after 2222 has registered I see the invites as I would expect and all looks ok but the * server replies with a 403 Forbidden error. I have tailed the full logfile and I can see the SQL commands RT is using to check the extensions etc but I never see the checks for authentication (i.e that he endpoint has permission to make the call) although I do see this in the packet information)

I can see the problem occurs when using RT and when placing calls but with all the information in front of me I cannot deduce why the * server sends back this 403 error.

Many Thanks in Advance