Multicast Entries in DPMA

According to the latest firmware release notes and DPMI release notes, multicast paging is now supported on the D4X and D5X handsets, as well as the newer D6X handsets. Also, DPMI is supposed to have a section to configure multicast addresses that can be applied to phones. I applied the latest firmware to my phones and also updated DPMI to the most recent release, but I am not seeing the new multicast sections within DPMI. Can these be configured manually or is something else required to get them to show up in DPMI? Thanks!


The settings for applying Multicast listeners are noted here:


Yes - that’s the guide I was following. I have the following entry within res_digium_phone_additional.conf:


And then under one of the extensions in reg_digium_phone_devices.conf, I added the line


However, if I make another unrelated change within DPMA and save the config, the multicastpage line disappears from the extension. This is with the absolute latest DPMA (3.1) release from Aug24.

ahh…You’re using the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX. The FreePBX Addon for Digium phones doesn’t yet understand the multicast page listeners. It needs an update, and an update is in the works.


Absolutely correct. Thanks!