DPMA multicast page - prevent caller from receiving page

I have a number of D50s and D70s with DPMA 11.0_3.4.3.

All of these phones are members of a multicast page group, which works fine - with one catch.

My multicastpage config…


Trouble is, the party doing the paging will also receive the page - creating an annoying feedback loop. How can I prevent this?

In DPMA-land, you can’t, yet. We added a feature to the listener, “extension,” that showed up phone firmware 2.6.5 (early May, 2018), that allows a phone engaged in an outbound call to an extension to ignore audio for a listener with a matching extension. You’d require a DPMA update; it’d have to be made aware of that new capability.

Too bad… that sounds like just what I’d need. (I’m running firmware 2.6.6 on all the phones.)

Any idea if/when the DPMA will be updated?

Or, is there some way (short of completely changing my provisioning method) that I could enable that feature on the phones in spite of it?

When? Sometime in the not too distant future.

No, there’s no good way, at present, without switching wholesale to XML config, which will lose you the built-in apps and require you to rewrite all the config.