Multi ZAP lines Rollover

Newbie :smiley:
If you have two normal analog lines in to a TMD400.
And you have a call in progress , and someone else dials the first number
Can you detect the second call ? and handle it or does the exchange level
Need to call forward it to your second line ?
Can you do this with digital lines from asterisk?
Bottom line is how to handle multi analog calls to the same number in Asterisk
Thanks in advance

With analogue lines, you can only do this from the switch side. For a fee, your telco should be able to provide this.

Thanks as a follow up, if you have Digital line(s) (ISDN) and the appropriate
card can you then handle it from within asterisk ?

PRI should be able to do this. Still need to ask your telco. Don’t think BRI can.