Transfer incoming call on busy line on 2nd line?

My intended * goal is to use my 3 current analog lines more eficiently. one line is quite heavily used, the other 2 are primarily faxlines, doing nothing most of the time.

I am wondering if * can detect a 2nd incoming call on a busy line and redirect it to an unused line? (I have a tdm400 with 3fxo ports and 1 fxs)
the result would be the same as if the caller had dialed the 2nd external phone number.

but I fear this is something to be done at the phone company.

at the moment, that 2nd caller is immediately deviated to a voicemail at the phone company. And getting those stored calls automatically into * will be beyond my capabilities for some time.


yes, you can do this easily. it’s called “call forward on busy”. map #2 and #3 to #1 that way. make sure they set it up so that more than one call at a time can be forwarded.

thank you for the reply.
I’ll contact the phone company right at way.

oh, also, make sure you only advertise the 1st number. what might be easier called a hunt group, but not sure if that’s more expensive or not.