MP3 over intercom

Hi! Could anyone give me a simple dialplan/extension that will allow me to play an MP3 file on multiple devices at the same time that are set to auto-answer? Thanks!

… Page(device1&device2&device3…,A(myaudiofile))
Google is your friend :wink:

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I just tried that and it is saying that my mp3 file “does not exist in any format” and “No such file or directory”. I can confirm with 100% certainty that the file does indeed exist and is an MP3 file.

first you ned to use a wav file or any supported file by asterisk, second is are you putting the extensions of the file in the A option? if so remove the extension leave only the name.


take a look at Page Application

x - The announcement to playback in all devices
Play an announcement to all paged participants


MP3 is overkill for telephones. Pre-convert it to a more telephone friendly format.

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