Moving from in house to managed hosted server

Hi –

I have been running my application on an in house server with a small number of customers and now it’s time to scale out to a bigger server with more bandwidth. I am using * as a voice broadcast service so the key for me is the number of concurrent outgoing calls. Right now I am (finally) able to make 10 concurrent calls a minute (avg. 600 an hour) but now after taking on more customers I need the bandwidth to make about 5000 calls an hour if need be. This would equate to about 2.12 Mbps to handle 85 concurrent calls. I know that’s a lot and would rarely happen, but I would need the bandwidth there in case.

This is what one company is offering me:


Dual Intel XeonE 2.8 GHz CPUs
1024 MB DDR2-400 ECC RAM
250 GB SATA hard drive
1500 GB Bandwidth included (Non-Cogent) Multi-Homed redundant OC-3 and Gig-E Backbone Connection.

Operating System:
Unix: FreeBSD
Linux: Fedora

Installed Software (on UNIX with Plesk 8.0):
apache apt bind
db4 dhclient e2fsprogs
emacs gcc glibc
mod_perl mod_python mod_ssl
mysql ntp openssh
openssl perl php
vim webalizer xinetd

Does anyone know if this is a good platform for what I am using * for?

Many thanks!

We are an ISP in Dallas, Texas. We can take your server and place it in our cage. We have multiple gig-e internet connections connected to a Juniper core router. We have several VoIP providers who use our network (plus ourselves).

We charge for real estate (rack space), power (we have A & B sources), and bandwidth. We can also provide network KVM so you can connect to the console of your server in an emergency.

If this interests you at all, please get back to me.


Are you routing through tdm or staight ip, and what kind of system are you running right now? if youre going to do dedicated hosting yo’re gonna want a company who gives ou a blank HDD and lets you so whatever you want on it, On my experience, doing straight ip, i could get from 250-300 concurrent calls on a Pentium d 3ghz with 2 gigs of ram and a 120gig hdd(not really relevant after 80 gigs unless youre doing voicemail)
In my opinion the best thing is to get your own system and take it to a rack where you can do whatever, they usually are on a 100meg backbone.

Good point about the blank HDD. I am using A@H right now because of the macros and scripting I dont want to rewrite all my code. How do I install this on a hosted server?

Well, youve got two options,
either copy the config files to the new server or
just ghost the whole drive over to the new system and configure it for the diff ip’s and hardware.

I am a bit curious though, you say youre using A@H, care to tell abit about what youve done with it and what kind of a product youve been selling, reason i ask is for inspiration :smile: thanks

No not it…
You want a Asterisk PBX system not webhosting
are you ViOP only??? Maybe get a VMware setup if VoIP only

Centos not FC or FreeBSD
4 gig of ram or more
custom built for your use…with the broadcast system you could dumped so stuff from the AAH iso install (suger CRM / ARI billing software)

so I would look at having one of Freepbx guys do a setup

All you need is the centos installed and ssh root access to the box and cash…I think you could get it done for 500.00 or less by someone like Rob Thomas (freepbx guy now)

Good point about the vmware bubba

I was previously running aah on vmware and it seemed fine. But some people recommended to avoid vmware for a robust production asterisk environment so I moved everything to a dedicated linux box instead,