Motherboard selection

Hi folks,

There is so much information regarding do’s and dont’s that it is very hard to make a decision regarding which board to select.
Anyway my idea for the moment is to build an Asterisk with two (2) interface cards. ( TE110P and TDM400P ).
Using two cards in a single machine is not encouraged but some claim that it should not be a problem if both have their own IRQ. ( So please feel free to comment )

Next to that a lot of fuzz exists regarding the PCI 3,3V versus 5V. Looking at the specs of the above cards, does it NOT look like being an issue for these models. It are both PCI cards however. Am I missing something here?

I assume that selecting a board that offers flexibility in terms of IRQ tweaking combined with a high speed CPU, IDE disk connectivity, 1GB of RAM should be sufficient.

Please feel free to reply if you think you can help me in my process to determine which motherboard and Digium cards I should select.

Many thanks.

If you get the card with 3.3v make sure hte mother board supports it. There is a differncr in 3.3v pci and 5v pci see teh picture here

as far as motherboards i would recommend to use one that is know to work with aterisk see here

I don’t see the TE110P nor the TDM400P, when looking on the what PCI slot web page. That is just what confuses me so much.

The TE110P works in both 3V and 5V slots by autodetecting the slot’s voltage.

from the install notes on the tdm400
3.3v or 5v slot

Hi Rusty,

Many thanks. I hope someone at Digium puts this info on the PCIslot webpage. The more complete, the less confusing.

If somebody wants to react on the fact that I will use two cards in a single system, please feel free to do so. I will use it for testing purposes only, so I guess it should not be so critical.