Motherboard Suggestions For TE110P

Can anybody recommend a motherboard known to work well with the Digium TE110P T1 card?

We currently make use of the TE110P for our T1 (esf w/ b8zs - not a PRI) and have experienced many issues caused by our PBX’s motherboard. Additionally, we built a server to become our new PBX, but that machine runs into even worse problems. It’s been determined through work with Digium that the Intel server class of chipsets (7200’s, 7300’s, 7500’s) don’t do well with the demanding amount of IRQ’s their cards require.

Digium has suggested we use a motherboard more suited for desktop and gaming use, as they are (supposedly) much better at handling demanding hardware. They specifically recommended motherboards with chipsets such as Intel 865, 945, etc - but absolutely avoid all from the Intel 915 series.

So, those of you with TE110P and TDM400P cards, what motherboard are you using in your PBX? How’s it working? No issues at all? ‘zttest’ scores? Any crackling or echo? Noticed any differences when the system is under high load? Perhaps even you’ve gone so far as to run ‘patlooptest’ with a T1 loopback cable connected; care to share your results?

Just for reference, motherboard’s we’ve had issues with:

  • Abit IC7-G
  • Supermicro P8SCT


Ive built a couple with the the Asus P4P800 with and the TE110P with no problems. out Main Office is running on an Intel SE7501HG2 Dual processor no problems.

Great - thanks for the tip. I’ve been considering that board as I’ve seen it mentioned for use with Asterisk in several places.

Do you know of any other Asus motherboards which work well? I’d prefer something that has PCI-X for use with a 3ware RAID controller card and also has a LGA775 Socket-T slot for the CPU. Perhaps you also have had good experiences with the Asus P5LD2 board?

The Asus P5P800 seems to also fit the bill (sans PCI-X), although I have heard no news about how well it works with the TE110P.

If anybody could post their zttest timing scores and discuss having luck with software faxing, it would really help me in my search for a TE110P friendly motherboard.

Havent tried the others you listed

Hmm… so nobody else is using the Digium TE110P? If you are making use of the TE110P, what motherboard are you using and are there any issues with voice/fax quality?