Monitoring start using asterisk AMI


I am using the below script through the asterisk AMI to begin a call recording on a current call:

action: Monitor
Channel: SIP/3000-0000032
File: 3000_27032013170512
Mix: 1

The call is being recorded successfully and I can browse to the directory on my linux box and see the file there also:


The only thing I cant see is the recording on the elastix web front end API in the Monitor Tab. Do I need to use a specific file naming convention for it to show here or is there something else I am missing? I can view the call history no problems via the elastix front end CDR reporting.

I have set the call recording on elastix to record ‘on demand’ as we do not require to record all calls and sometimes require to stop and start the recording during certain parts of the call.

I have tried setting this up to the ‘elastix without tears’ manual instruction. Then dialed ‘*1’ during the call and this works fine too and I can see the recording in the monitor tab, however I would like to start and stop the recordings programatically and still be able to view the files via the elastix web front end. However, when I send the script to start the recording as said above the recording is successfully created and the file is in the correct directory, but it doesnt show in the elastix monitor tab.

Many thanks

Elastix 2.4
Elastix FreePBX 2.8.1

This is an elastix related issue, so please use their forums. All point that you need to see how is stored the filename to be pulled by that GUI

Thanks for your reply Navaismo,

I am a newbie to this so all the help I can get is very much appreciated. I did however post in an elastix forum and it was suggested to try an asterisk forum too :smiley: