Monitoring Calls!


The question is…how can i set asterisk to monitoring call for the extension; and make a filter with the monitoring/recordings??

for example:

I want monitor all calls that this extension(ext200) makes, excluding the calls between this extension and the extension number 300.

Thanks in advance!

If you want record of calls - check Monitor, if you want listen online - then there is application ChanSpy. If you want to know online status - AMI provides very nice options, and with some filter you could know when extension is called and who call it etc.

Nice… at this time im recording the calls; and i want to filter this recordings, for sample… record all calls from ext200 but if this one calls to ext300, do not record this single call…

can i do this with Monitor, or i need another app??

Thanks for all!

You need some modifications in dialplan or using AGI - main idea StartMonitor if call is not to ext200, else direct dial.
You can safely use StopMonitor without starting.

AGI… i will try with some modifications in the Dialplan…