MOH problems on SIP after upgrade from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1


I have following problem.
After upgrade from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 my musiconhold stops immediately after start.

Bellow some logs from 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 (same configs and situations)

First, the one from 1.4.0 (everything works)

[Mar 12 13:44:00] – Executing [s@info800:1] SetMusicOnHold(“SIP/1036690-b74004b8”, “mymusic”) in new stack
[Mar 12 13:44:00] – Executing [s@info800:2] Dial(“SIP/1036690-b74004b8”, “SIP/halo/0502xxxxxxx|20|mgA(pol800)”) in new stack
[Mar 12 13:44:00] – Called halo/0502xxxxxxx
[Mar 12 13:44:00] – Started music on hold, class ‘mymusic’, on SIP/1036690-b74004b8
[Mar 12 13:44:00] – SIP/halo-081c3340 is making progress passing it to SIP/1036690-b74004b8

and now from 1.4.1

Mar 12 13:45:21] – Executing [s@info800:1] SetMusicOnHold(“SIP/1036690-081cc0b8”, “mymusic”) in new stack
[Mar 12 13:45:21] – Executing [s@info800:2] Dial(“SIP/1036690-081cc0b8”, “SIP/halo/0502xxxxxxx|20|mgA(pol800)”) in new stack
[Mar 12 13:45:21] – Called halo/0502xxxxxxx
[Mar 12 13:45:21] – Started music on hold, class ‘mymusic’, on SIP/1036690-081cc0b8
[Mar 12 13:45:21] – Call on SIP/halo-081de798 left from hold
[Mar 12 13:45:21] – Stopped music on hold on SIP/1036690-081cc0b8
[Mar 12 13:45:21] – SIP/halo-081de798 is making progress passing it to SIP/1036690-081cc0b8

What that ‘Call on SIP/halo-081de798 left from hold’ means ??

I have no clue…


I’m having the same issue… this worked in 1.2… edited cli output to remove personal info:

[-- Executing [NXXNXXXXXX@context:3]
Dial(“SIP/sip_provider”, “SIP/sip_provider/NXXNXXXXXX|120|m(class)wW”) in new stack
– Called sip/NXXNXXXXXX
– Started music on hold, class ‘kevin’, on SIP/sip_provider
– Call on SIP/sip_provider left from hold
– Stopped music on hold on SIP/sip_provider
– SIP/sip_provider is making progress passing it to SIP/sip_provider
– Call on SIP/sip_provider left from hold
– SIP/sip_provider answered SIP/sip_provider

it actually plays for a moment… works everywhere except for using the ‘m’ option in the dial string… All my MOH files are all in g729 so not using mpg123…

any suggestions??


I’ve built Asterisk SVN-trunk-r57799 today, and it didn’t help :frowning:

I have noticed that, when I’m calling from the same extension but via IAX2, MOH works as it should be.
So the problem is probably only on SIP channels…


I upgraded to 1.4.2

still same issue…

does no one have any ideas on this topic??

kind regards

I’m also experiencing a strange problem with the Music-On-Hold feature. It seams that if I put a call on hold, the music plays as it should.

However, if I take the call off hold the music continues to play the the person who was on hold and on the phone that placed the user on hold I can only hear my own voice.

I am using Asterisk 1.4.2, does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?



I have found out what was causing one of my problems. In the ‘moh’ directory there are a number of license files. These are called ‘*.ulaw’ etc for each sound format.

Because the file ends in the same extensions as the sound files, the Music On Hold application was trying to play these text files, which obviously failed.

Once these files were removed the music on hold problem of disconnecting was removed!!

Ross :smile:

Any progress on the MoH that doesn’t stop?

My experience so far: Put a call on hold for a few seconds and remove: works fine. But if the call is on hold for say a minute then the call can not be taken out of hold. The phone does get the message that the call has been takern out of hold but the music remains…

This might only apply to the SIP phones I have and not the X-lite softphones. Difference being that X-lite uses a random source UDP port for the SIP session and the Cisco’s use a fixed one.

My setup:

So my pbx is public while my phones are NATed.