MoH Problem with g.729 endpoints

Firstly, Apologies if this has been answered before, couldn’t find anything relevant in the search.

I have a bit of an issue with MoH and g.729.

To explain, if the endpoint is using the g.729 codec, the hold music played over that stream is completely corrupted – sounds digital, but nothing resembling music at all.

If the endpoint is using g.711u/a or GSM codecs, they hear the hold music just fine.

Is there a format that I need to put the MoH file into so that it would be compatible with all codecs, or is there another issue at play here?

Thanks in advance


g729 is a speech codec and is not designed to compress music. You’re almost always going to get corrupt MoH with g729.

g729 is a speech codec and is not designed to compress music. You’re almost always going to get corrupt MoH with g729.[/quote]

Whilst the logic behind your statement makes a bit of sense, all other codecs do not seem to have this problem, and indeed if I call a number across a g.729 trunk which happens to have MoH on it, I can hear its MoH with no problems even though I’m using g.729. Therefore I was wondering if it was an issue in that the MoH player wasn’t using the g.729 transcoder, but rather was trying to use “passthrough” instead. :question:

are you using an mp3 player or native mode ?

Native… I think… :blush:

Then again, it could be a player of some description since several file formats are acceptable (.gsm, .wav, .ogg, .mp3, etc.) … not entirely sure since everything which would normally be in extensions.conf is handled by AGI scripts. (It’s PBXware by BicomSystems)

moh.conf just has the default directory that the moh files are located in… nothing more.



post your moh.conf file here

cueca:/home/servers/pbxware/pw/etc/asterisk# cat musiconhold.conf 

; Automatically generated on 07-03-2006 22:18:14
default => /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/default


looks ok, but i think you might be onto something re the files themselves.

looking at a recent A@H install, they use 2 sets of MOH files, one for native, one for via-a-player. they’re totally different sizes for the same filename, so unless they’ve been truncated, they are probably different codecs. maybe you should try these ? if you don’t have an A@H install to drag them from i can email you 1 (or all 3 i have)

PM on its way to you.


well… after our PM’s… problem still present… wondering if anyone else might have any ideas :confused: