Using MOH for g729 pass-through

Hey everyone,

I’ve got some music to be used with MOH in g729 format that I’d like to play while asterisk rings an extension, but for some reason asterisk wants to convert from g729 to slin and back again. Why won’t it just dump the g729 straight into the g729 channel?

Using asterisk version 1.2.1

Here is what happens:

-- Executing Dial("SIP/*************", "SIP/********@sipdiscount|65|tm(default)") in new stack
-- Called **************@sipdiscount

Jan 1 04:24:54 WARNING[3002]: channel.c:2323 set_format: Unable to find a codec translation path from g729 to slin
Jan 1 04:24:54 WARNING[3002]: res_musiconhold.c:299 moh_files_alloc: Unable to set ‘SIP/’ to linear format (write)
– SIP/sipdiscount-3d7e is making progress passing it to SIP/************

Any ideas?

its 28kb/s right?

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