MOH always in GSM format?

I have * installed here. I am having one odd issue that I may not have seen before. I have extension 100 set up to play music on hold, I have a Grandstream GXP 2000 phone. VOIP calls from phone to phone are fine, but the music on hold sounds awful. When I look at the phone, it has the little GSM thing lit up only when playing the music on hold. I have went as far as removing all of the file formats except ulaw, which is what we are trying to stick with in the office here. Any idea on how to make the MOH use the same codec as everything else?


This link may help.

I think I found a bug int he phones firmware. The #1 prefered codec was ulaw, some of the phones I had all of the choices set to ulaw and some I had set with ulaw as #1 choice and the other choices “stock”. At any rate, if you force all of the choices to ulaw, it will switch to ulaw, and the dealy and choppyness goes away and it uses the native ulaw format files.