Moh No such file or directory error

I have a working asterisk- system on fedora15 with a Tiger3XX 4port card connected to a cable modem using Cablevision’s analog voice service.

I’m receiving the following messages in the logs:

[Oct 28 15:40:50] WARNING[14129] file.c: File /var/lib/asterisk/moh/21-Hey_Jude does not exist in any format [Oct 28 15:40:50] WARNING[14129] res_musiconhold.c: Unable to open file '/var/lib/asterisk/moh/21-Hey_Jude': No such file or directory

There are several similar messages for other MP3s in that directory. The files do exist:

[code]# ls -l /var/lib/asterisk/moh/21-Hey_Jude*
-r–r--r–. 1 asterisk asterisk 3397760 Sep 27 2004 /var/lib/asterisk/moh/21-Hey_Jude.mp3

file 21-Hey_Jude.mp3

21-Hey_Jude.mp3: Audio file with ID3 version 2.3.0, contains: MPEG ADTS, layer III, v2, 64 kbps, 22.05 kHz, JntStereo
Music on hold also works properly, and there’s nothing wrong with the file itself. What could be the cause for the error? I have just the following configuration in musiconhold.conf:


Thanks so much for any ideas.

Certainly up to 1.6, Asterisk has no MP3 codec.

To be honest, if you are not streaming, it is pointless to store MOH in MP3 anyway, as telephone codecs cannot do it justice, and you will waste CPU cycles transcoding it on the fly. If you have any PSTN connections, “wav” (16 bits signed linear, 8kHz) will not suffer any degradation compared with music recorded for the PSTN codec in your country.

If you have GSM or g.729 narrow bandwith, no music on hold format is going to give good MOH.