Module zaptel not found


I am getting this error on boot “module zaptel not found” I have tried re-installing zaptel to the latest version but I get the same error (it does install).

This is a new machine I am setting from scratch using the latest 1.2X distribution from PoundKey the one Digium is working on with rParth
It includes Asterisk and Zaptel

uname -a #1 Tue Sep 5 23:54:38 EDT 2006 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

I think it is something to do with the updated kernel included in this release of PoundKey I was using Poundkey with a kernel 2.6.13 with out any errors.

Any help would be appreciated.



Check the modules directory, and check that the modules are there and that they are in the kernel directory for the one thats loaded


I may need a little help.

Do you mean


Also a little more info. I have been using PoundKey distro. with kernel 2.6.13 only reason for the upgrade is that a new Digium b410p BRI card needs a later kernerl.

I did try updating the kernel from 2.6.13 but as soon as I did that I got the same error “module zaptel not found”

I am currently working with a clean install of PoundKey 2.6.17 kernel
same error.


for zaptel to compile and install, you need the kernel sources and headers for the kernel you’re running. if you don’t have them (or if you have symbolic links for ‘linux’ and ‘linux-2.6’ in /usr/src that point to the wrong directory) then the modules won’t be installed to the correct /lib/modules// location.


Poundkey is a binary install, so when you say

[quote]I am currently working with a clean install of PoundKey 2.6.17 kernel
same error. [/quote] do you mean rpath 2.6.17 kernel , Ie you have done a conary update on the kernel ?

what is in /lib/modules/ kernel wise also what is is /usr/src/kernels ?

Thanks for your help here is a bit more info. I should have elaborated earlier.

I have been using Poundkey
for a while now by downloading the ISO image creating a bootable CD and
running the install. All I need to do is answer a few question and I have a working system that has the things I need for Asterisk. For me it makes life easy I feel fairly confident that the OS is setup correctly for Asterisk.

The version; Pound Key, version 1.0.1 with Asterisk 1.2.5 and have been upgrading the latest Asterisk and Zaptel in the usual way. I have been using TDM400Ps with much success.

I have a need to use Digium b410P BRI ISDN that needs a later kernel version so I downloaded the latest 1.2X release of Pound Key, version 1.1.2 with Asterisk and Zaptel and did an install and the zaptel not found occurred at first boot.

I also tried updating the kernel on the Pound Key version 1.0.1 with as you guessed a conary update on the kernel with out a hitch but on reboot I now had zaptel not found.

build modules.alias modules.ieee1394map modules.pcimap source
configs modules.ccwmap modules.inputmap modules.symbols vmlinux
kernel modules.dep modules.isapnpmap modules.usbmap

source is a symbolic link to /lib/modules/

/usr/src/kernels does not exist

I also did this (I believe I have the source);
Q: How do I install the kernel source with Conary?
A: Use the following command to install kernel source:
[root@yourhost ~]# conary update kernel:build-tree