Zaptel error

im loading zaptel module with this command as follows:

modprobe zaptel

unfortunately an error occured which goes like this:

Fatal: Module zaptel not found

what will i do???

Linux distribution? Zaptel version? Kernel version? (uname -r) What’s under /lib/modules/? (ls -l /lib/modules). What’s output from

Zaptel 1.2 seems to assume existence of certain directory under /lib/modules that my Debian/Ubuntu system lacks. Worse, it went on to create that directory, which depmod had no idea about. I had to remove this directory and create a symbolic link myself, like

[code]# rm -r /lib/modules/uname -r |cut -d- -f1

ln -s uname -r /lib/modules/uname -r |cut -d- -f1

make install[/code]