Modify Incoming CallerId on an IAX Trunk

Not sure if this is possible but just wondering if it was possible to modify the incoming Callerid on an IAX Trunk Basis.

For example, when I call another of our offices, I dial a 7 and then the number (11 for example). In the Dial Rule for the IAX trunk, i dial the site (711) and remove the 7. ie Dial(IAX2/trunkname/${EXTEN:1}

The problem lies that when another of our sites calls the same site and they have the same internal extensions as me, the called party can not differentiate who is calling. Ordinarily CallerID would solve this, but there Custom Softkey Solution only shows the CallerID Number, Not the Name.

I thought the way around this would be on an IAX trunk just modying the CallerID Num to have a digit in front of it. But im not sure how and if this can be done.

Changing SoftKey Diallers is not an option as it is part of a whole solution.

Thanks in advance…

I’m not sure if I"m understanding your question. but why don’t you just have each site prepend a site ID to the callerID before you send it?

foreaxample if you have site
A, B and C, why don’t you change the caller ID before placing the IAX call.

that is say you are at site A extension 14 and you want to call someone at extension 77 at site C

why don’t you set your callererID to prepend say a 1 (For site A) to the called site? that is you set your callerid to 114
just the same now calls from site B would prepend say “2” for site B. then someone calling from extension 14 from site B would set their caller id as 214.

that way all extensions at all sites are “unique”.

hope that helps.