I have 3 Asterisk Servers connected via IAX trunks.
I set up the trunks in the gui using service providers, and then created calling rules to route the calls depending on the extension dialled.
The users I have set up are SIP users.

They are able to dial internal calls fine and also to the other offices.
All that works ok, but I can’t get the callerid working.

Each time a call is made, the called user sees only New User on their screen, instead of either the name or number.

Can someone tell me what command I should have and where to pass the SIP callers caller id over the IAX trunk


I figured out how to do this by adding the CALLERID(name) to the relevant DialPlan.
Now when my users call across the IAX they see the users name but also on the zopier softphone.
Can I change the part anywhere?