MOD interface for meetme

Hi all,

I have to develop an interface for the client conferences where MODs can view who is abusing and remove him from conference. As we can not give the client access to cli so now I have two options in mind.

1- Make a web page having interface showing all participants in the conference as some icon or box and change the icon/colour of box to show active talker. Then the MOD who is listening the conference can see which caller is abusing and simply click on that caller’s icon and a command to kick him will be sent to asterisk.

2- I know we can record the conference but is there any way I can record individual participant? If I can record individual caller’s voice with his conf number like “participant_1.wav”, then I can make and interface to listen that file and issue command to kick that caller. So please guide ho can I record individual caller in a meetme conf. Will ChanSpy work for this. If yes then please guide how.

Thanks in advance and looking for positive feedback from you experts.

Nasir Javaid

No one?

Its strange one week has passed and no one is replying. Should I think that there is no such possibility?

Where are all the asterisk gurus? Help please.

Meetme is a lame duck.

You could presumably set up Monitor or MixMonitor (with one gain set to zero) on the incoming channels, or, if that didn’t work in this case, you could add a local channel to decouple them from the conference bridge and then set the monitor on the incoming channel.

Thank you for the feedback. Can you please elaborate in little more details. If there is a sample then it will be much helpful.

I was also thinking to start record individual channels just before putting them in conference but problem is I need to know the user number in the conference for that user so I can later kick that user if he is being abusive.

The idea proposed by my GM is to record each user in conference for 10-20 seconds every minute in a file named like USERNUM_CONFNUM_REC.wav. Then there is a web interface that can read and play those files from directory and depending on the confnum and usernum, moderator can issue kick command from web interface to kick out that caller.

Other idea was to get the active talker via AMI which I was able to get the event and its details but the problem was that its very difficult to trace out the real abuser our of many callers if all are talking simultaneously.

Appreciate your help in this regard. even if there is some source code change, I am willing to do it.