Security meetme

I configured an asterisk server for conference call service but I have a problem now :smiley:oes asterisk have a option to secure and warranty meetme,in the other word,How can I play up users that their conference won’t hear by us?
I’d appreciate any help.

You can’t.

Chanspy, capturing the rtp stream with tcpdump or simply adding a bit to dialplan so you can enter conferences muted and many more all mean that they are not secure.

So its all down to them trusting you as a supplier.


Thanks for your answer but my problem is what users say in conference not peoples that participant in that conference.You suppose, the managers of a organization want to have a conference and they want to no body attend their conference in spite of asterisk can record meetme.Isn’t the way to secure the file that is recorded by asterisk?


Sorry but I think your last message has lost something in translation.

Are you saying you dont want people to enter the conference


You dont want people to be able to record it.


when it is recorded you dont want poeple to be able to listen to the recording.

other than the last one where you can secure the recording by use of permisions etc. But even then if someone has root access to the box the can still listen, my original comments still stand.