MixMonitor and some problems

Hi ,

I try to use Mixmonitor, during a Communication
That works fine, except that the 2 voices are NOT synchronized at all !!?!
(One of the voice answer BEFORE the questions was asked )

And during the communication, everyhting was fine

  • Any idea what can be the problem ?

I am using a QuadCore Xeon and I am managing 2 phone calls at the same time… So I hope that the server is not saturated :smile:

Thanks for your help


I found that using monitor with the m instead of mixmonitor worked for me.

exten => s,x,Monitor(wav,/mon/seperate/${CALLFILENAME})

exten => s,x,System(/usr/bin/sox -m /mon/seperate/${CALLFILENAME}-out.wav /mon/seperate/${CALLFILENAME}-in.wav

seemed to eliminate the sync problem.

I believe all version of 1.4 previous to either or 1.4.24 had a problem with MixMonitor and some of the new audiohooks functions. I recently upgraded to 1.4.24 and MixMonitor works much better now.