Mix & Match TDM400P Modules

Is there any problem with mixing and matching modules on TDM400P? Does this void the warranty? Are there any jumpers to set?

I have a 3+ year old TDM20B (TDM400P with 2 S100M modules). On order is a new TDM22B (2 S100M modules and 2 X100M modules).

When the TDM22B arrives, I’d like to take one of the FXO modules off and add it to the TDM20B so that both PCI boards have 1 FXO module. The result should be 2 TDM21B’s if I understand everything.

I want to set some friends small business up, one at a time. I’d like to use combinations of the above HW to “get it right” using my gear, then order what they need for them.

Thanks for any help.

Yes you can mix and match modules as you see fit, they are considered user-installable parts. You can also buy just the modules to upgrade an existing board. There are no jumpers to set, the modules are auto-detected, however you must configure the channels in /etc/zaptel.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf before they will work.

Good luck with your friend’s project!

This is what I thought, but wanted to double check since I never used the cards/modules before. My existing card is from the old “dev kit” and I never ended up installing that. It didn’t come with any docs, so I figured I’d just ask here.

Thanks for the response.

Early revisions of the base card didn’t support FXO modules. What rev is your card?

Hmm, its a few (over 3) years old. I don’t have it in front of me so will have to check tonight. The “dev kit” had a Wildcard X100P for FXO at the time. Shortly after that, I do remember the X100M module shipping.

If I have an earlier rev of teh TDM400P, is their an (firmware?) update or am I SOL?

No firmware upgrade but you won’t be SOL. I can arrange an RMA for that card and get you a new one.

PM sent.