Mitel SX2000 Light and Asterisk voicemail ... possible?

Hi All …
Our legacy Mitel voicemail (12 years old) system has just died a quick death. (Motherboard finally died … no replacement available).

Replacement voicemail systems are expensive, we have been quoted $22000 + for replacements.

Is Asterisk a viable alternative that can be interfaced with our Mitel SX2000 light PBX ? We had approximately 350 mailboxes defined.
Are there Asterisk consultants available that could do this type of interface and provide some inhouse training so that we can take over and do the day to day user mailbox maintenance.

Some general information and ballpark costs and time required to get a project like this completed would be appreciated.


Quick answer is yes, it can even lamp / disable the message waiting lights for you.

However I can’t help with any of your other questions.

Do you have any T-1’s availible on your Mitel? You can do it with analog line but many people have had cleardown problems with them on the SX2000.


Oh yes, clear down on a TDM400 linked to an SX2000 Micro Light is a pain thats for sure.

Don’t happen to know if there’s a solution do you :smiley:

T-1 Card from * to a channel bank…I have this deployed at many hotels utilizing SX200’s via LS/GS Trunk cards.

Does that resolve the cleardown problems on the mitel? Or does the SX200 no have that problem?