Missing wiki dump in the release tarballs

When downloading the source code for Asterisk, there’s a readme file in the doc directory with the following information:

Asterisk release tarballs contain an export of the wiki in PDF and plain text
form, which you can find in:


However, these 2 files have not been part of the package for quite a while, for whatever reason.

Is that a bug, that’s just not been fixed, or a feature. And is there a way to generate that documentation myself? Would be quite useful when, as of right not, the wiki is unavailable.

In the original release process it likely broke at some point and was never noticed/fixed. For GitHub we rewrote the release process and didn’t include it. I also don’t expect us to fix it/include it anytime soon as the wiki will be moving into GitHub as Markdown, so getting the wiki would be a git clone away.

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Yeah, I thought it was just removed at some point.

But kinda sucks not having easy access to the information, when the wiki site is down.

Any idea when the move of the docs from the wiki, will be done?

No, I don’t have a timeframe on that. I’d like it sooner than later of course but you can’t just move an entire Confluence instance into Markdown into a completely new tool while maintaining all the links on pages and graphics overnight.

Nah, I understand it’s quite a task. But at least it’s something to look forward to. :slight_smile:

In the meantime I guess I just have to hope the wayback machine has the pages from the wiki I need, until it’s back online. :wink:

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