Updating Wiki Links

I have done an update to the readme for my Seaskirt Python API, fixing all the broken links to the old wiki with the nearest equivalents I could find in the new one.

However, it seems a whole bunch of historical information has vanished. For example, the Asterisk 10 release notes mentioned the introduction of the AsyncAGI option, while Asterisk 12 was the first appearance of ARI. But these old links are now gone.

Documentation related feedback and issues should be filed in the documentation repo[1].

[1] GitHub - asterisk/documentation: The Asterisk Documentation Project.

Is the old wiki available for download anywhere? As a tarball, perhaps?

It would be a useful resource for reference such as this.


I was trying to look for these historical links in particular:

and the results I find seem very peculiar …

It would appear that the page has Javacript that tries to force a login. That is pretty anti-social for what should be publicly readable content. Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine relies on scripting, so it might not be easy to disable it, although one could probably capture the raw HTML using developer tools.

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