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Is there any way to access the old wiki site? There seems to be articles missing from the new wiki like the PJSIP configuration page.

This page is linked to from here: PJSIP Configuration Sections and Relationships - Asterisk Documentation


It isn’t possible to access the old site, but the content isn’t missing. It’s here[1]. There are links that point to old version generated content which isn’t on the new one. There’s an issue open for it[2].

[1] res_pjsip: SIP Resource using PJProject - Asterisk Documentation
[2] Manually written pages reference old versions of things which are not on the site · Issue #18 · asterisk/documentation · GitHub

I’ve generated a lot of links to whichever version of that document Google found at the time on the forums, so there will be a lot of broken links from the forums.

You can now create links to “/latest_api’” instead of “/Asterisk_XX_Documentation” and it’ll autoimatically follow the latest release. That’s what I’ll be converting all the broken links on the new docs site to.


Thanks everyone!

Regarding “/latest_api”, I don’t think that works for the above example I posted. (User generated content)

Correct. It only applies to the dynamic documentation under “Asterisk XX Documentation/API Documentation”. We’ll be working our way through the user content shortly.

Most of these should be corrected now. There are still some stragglers.

Another page that I rely on a lot is Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki for which I’m now having to use the Wayback Machine. There wasn’t any obvious in the new index, and Google hasn’t yet found the replacement with enough page rank to be able to find it.

If you type “Asterisk Versions” into the search at the top of the page it is the first result. It is available at Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Documentation

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