Missing SIP command

Hello All,

I am a newbie when it comes to Asterisk. I am deploying it on ARM-SBC computer running Debian 10. I built everything without issues and launched Asterisk using Asterisk -guv

Inside of Asterisk shell, I type ? for the commands and there is no SIP command. I don’t know what to do about that since many instructions rely on sip command to configure Asterisk.

Can anyone shed some light into the problem? I would greatly appreciate it.


Many instructions are obsolete. chan_sip is deprecated, and is no longer present in the master branch of the source, and will not be in the release of Asterisk later this year.

The default build for the current release will not build chan_sip, and the sample configuration files for rather more releases will not load it.

You should use chan_pjsip instead, which has similar but different commands.

Thanks David!

you are correct, it worked! Thank you!

now my next challenge is to connect Asterisk to an Iridium modem with 2 voice channels. I want to allow the Asterisk extensions to make/receive calls to/from Iridium voice channels. Has anyone done this?

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