Module Missing?

Hello all,

I’ve installed Asterisk version 17.4.0 on an Ubuntu virtual machine on my Windows laptop.

When I tried running the sip show peers command, I receive the error “No such command ‘sip show peers’ (type ‘core show help sip show’ for other possible commands)”

After researching on the forums about this error, I discovered that it generally stems from an issue with the file. And so I ran the command “module show like chan_sip.”
This returned with 0 modules found or loaded.

The next area I checked was the menu, by running make menuselect in the terminal. The chan_sip file was selected.

Upon realizing this I searched in the files out of curiosity, and found the file in usr/src/asterisk-17.4.0/channels.

Why isn’t Asterisk able to find and use this module? What else can I try to resolve this issue?

Thanks for any advice!

chan_sip is being deprecated, in favour of chan_pjsip. As such, you must compile from source and explicitly enable it during “make menuselect”.

It only has community support, so bugs may not be fixed, or not fixed quickly.

@david551 chan_pjsip is enabled for me. Is there more I have to do to switch over?

Try to load " module load" on cli and now you can see that when you do sip show peers its now available

@Taurai Thank you so much! You’re correct, that solved the issue. Can’t believe I missed something so simple. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to make sure it stays ‘fixed,’ remember to add it to your modules.conf.

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