Missing Old Blog Entries?

Not sure where to report issues about the blog entries on asterisk.org (I see some older links go to blogs.asterisk.org). I was looking through the list, and found that entries from about the middle of this page and older are not accessible; clicking on the article link brings up a page with the article title but not much else – certainly no article content.

This seems to be the oldest article still available in its entirety.

By the way, I can’t see any dates on these blog entries; that would be helpful to get some sense of the timing of things.

Can you give an example of a blog post? So far I’m just seeing security advisories, which are different.

Ah, I see, the older announcements are still available. But why has the content of the security advisories been removed, while the links are still there? Now you have pagefuls of links, some of which take you to actual content, the rest of which do not.

They haven’t explicitly been removed. The pages are supposed to give a list of links to the definitive sources of the advisories (as they can be updated afterwards). The information is there in the Wordpress backend, but isn’t displayed on the pages. It’s likely a theme related issue that I’ll bring up with the respective team.

Ah. Thanks for that.