Mini-ITX board + FXO PCI card?


Before I order a Travla C156 case, a Via mini-ITX motherboard (either the fanless ME6000 or the fan-equipped M10000) , and a PCI FXO card from Digium or OpenVox… has someone already built that kind of box, and could tell me if it’s powerful enough to power a small PBX?


Yes, I have been running * on gentoo with a mini-itx motherboard for over a year now. I had to compile my own kernel as i586 to work on the Via Eden processor. The pbx runs just fine on my 500 Mhz processor, so on the 1 Ghz processor you’re talking about it should be just fine. 8)

Thanks for the feedback. One point for those thinking of using an X100/101P card: The processor that comes with the Via cards, even the 1GHz, is probably not fast enough, and you should consider getting a real TDM card, either Digium, OpenVox, or Sangoma.

My next endeavor: Asterisk on a Compact Flash on a thinclient IBM Netvista :smile: