Migration from Samsung DCS-816


We’re planning to migrate completely from our Samsung DCS-816 with Samsung DS2100B phones. There is one analog POTs line, and one two-channel BRI line, so we have three numbers.

I was looking at the B410 for the ISDN connectivity, but I’m not sure we would need all four of those ports. Is there another card available which would be more suitable?

The other thing I’m thinking about is using the same phones… All I gather at the moment is that these phones are ‘digital’, but I’m not sure if would be compatible with Asterisk. If they’re not we may as well just buy SIP phones, right?

Thanks in advance :smile:


here you can find a list with the hardware supported by Asterisk: voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+hardware; look for “ISDN-BRI Interface cards” section, Openvox for example has 1 port bri cards.



Marco Bruni

I doubt you will find such a list on digium.com or asterisk.org sites. I believe Asterisk supports all the current cards from Digium.

Where there is no competition with Digium products, e.g. phones, the number that work but have not been formally tested with Asterisk is probably larger than the number known to work, so the list would be misleading.

Not any more it seems: http://www1.digium.com/en/products/phones