Looking for hardware (still!)

I am looking (still) for hardware for a phone center which will connect to 2 ISDN lines (as in 2 x BRI, equals 4 ‘lines’) so I suppose maybe 4 FXO interfaces and 8 FXS for connecting plain old telephones.
Please suggest some cards that I could use.
After a little searching in the net I found Digium TDM 2421B and TDM2421E.
Are these appropriate? Maybe I should use something with BRI interface and add FXS ports (how?!)?
Btw is there any online reseller in Europe which has good availability and reasonable pricing?!
Thanks in advance :smile:

in theory you could use a TA in between Asterisk FXO interfaces and the ISDN lines, but that would be a novel approach.

there are plenty of ISDN interfaces available for use in an Asterisk server … cheapo HFC or AVM Fritz! cards, Eicon Diva Server PCI cards with DSPs, Digium b410, Astribank BRI USB boxes … features and quality vary, but they’ve all been used extensively.

to connect your analogue telephones you could use a card such as the Digium TDM2400, or the Sangoma AFT A200, or a channel bank and E1 card, or even an array of ATAs like the LinkSys PAP2.

where in europe are you ?