Mic echo

Manage to get * to compile and run on Slackware 10.0 all is fine and confiqured 3 (two laptops running wireless and one hardwire box using X-Lite softphone) and are connecting…> calling/answering etc.

Pretty much a success story, except I get a echo on one of the laptops and a echo on the hardwired computer when the person is talking into the mic. It is about a second of delay and drives me nuts hearing my own voice a second later. Don’t think it is an asterisk issue cause I have one of the wireless laptops that works (no echo clean sounds and everything). If anyone can help me out on what settings I might have wrong or something.

Again I am using a X-Lite softphone (freebee version)

Get a headset, its probably just echo caused by the mic speaking to the speakers.

Nope both computers have headsets and when I speak I have a latency of about a second and I hear my voice.

I had the same problem with Xlite - the softphones doesn’t seem to handle echo cancelation as good as the “hard IP phones”. I bought a Planatronics USB headset but I still had the echo on Xlite. There are 2 other softphones that seem to handle it better for me - SJphone from SJ Labs and Estara softphone. Estara is actualy the best for me but SJphones are free if you register. Estara has an evaluation copy but their support as not as good as SJphones. I have emailed support 3 months ago asking about a SDK and yet have to receive an answer.


Maybe with the new digium cards that has echo cancelation built in it will be better.