[HELP] Intermittent echo on calls

Getting intermittent echo (it comes and goes) on the handset when on a call. Running two TDM400P’s (all FXO) on a new Dell SC420 (P4 2.8, 1GB RAM, SATA 40GB).

Any ideas, suggestions?


I got rid of major echoing by adjusting the rxgain=1.5 and txgain=1.00 values in zapata.conf. Also I set echotraining=yes.

Again I don’t seem to have echo problems on the hard phones only on some of the soft phones. It depends if the soft phone has a “echo cancelling algorithm” feature, and some are better then others. I have terrible echoing with the X-Lite phones for instances but the Estara Softphone and SJPhone seems to be good.

I have probably like 20 different soft phones installed on my PC and about 5 hard phones - my office looks like a radio control room at the moment :smile: