Echo Issues

Hi all

I’ve got a cutomer complaining about echo issues. I have gone and checked them out and done everything i can think of to try.
I have tried every echo canceller that comes with zaptel and currently am using MG2 with aggressive turned on and that seems to work best. however there is still some echo left. i have tried setting the gains using ztmonitor and watching the levels as best i can. i have played with that for hours to get the best i can and its still there. i tried to find a number for a local 1004Hz line test and the closest one i can find is in Edmonton, where i am in Vancouver.

Does ANYBODY have any suggestions? the smallest little thing im willing to try.

-Eric, The very frusterated phone guy :wink:

edit, forgot to mention using an x100p

Well I had some echo issue when i was using software echo cancellation. When talk to tech support where i buy my card they told me that sometime you can’t do anything with software echo cancellation ! Tehy told me 90% of the time software echo cancellation work but the other 10% it can’t. So i changed my card for one with a hardware echo cancellation. And now no more echo … maybe the guy was only triying to sell me a better card but still!

try fxotune, that might help you.

Aggressive only works with Mark2 as i recall? could be wrong on that.

Lastly, the x100 cards are often to blame for annoying, difficult to isolate echo problems. consider getting a ‘real’ fxo port, ie digium tdm400/sangoma a200

i have tried fxotune, but it never seemed to like the fact that i was using an x100p and not a tdm card

ive gone through the source of the mg2 echo canceller and aggressive does make a difference with mg2

the reason ive got the x100p is price. i dont plan on keeping the fxo forever, however ive had it longer than planned… oh well i guess… maybe i’ll look into one of the external ones…

fwiw, the digium tdm400/sangoma a200 are internal pci cards. Sipura/linksys spa3000 gives you an external FXO port.

ok well i broke down and just bought a tdm card… single fxo port. hopefully it will make things better :smiley:

the worst case of echo i ever had was with a TDM400. the card was fine, and a motherboard swap (i.e. a different PC) fixed it.

echo and Asterisk … it often feels like some black art !

its not a black art. there are legitimate technical reasons why you must sacrifice a live chicken…

Well echo issues in general are funky!

Take for instance my install - most of our echo is comming from the far end - bad alalog connections. In a 5 mile radius around our campus here we get echo, but once we leave our CO or call anyone with a digital phone line everything is fine… Every once in a while it will sneak back in, but all in all using the echo training, and adjusting the RX and TX levels seem to help alot.

We just have a problem with a couple of LOUD TALKERS! And for that I have no solution, cause if you start YELLING into the handset you will start to get some echo back from the analog side of things…