Mgcp setup

Hi all,

trying to get an mgcp phone to work with asterisk, the phone is an LG6804mgcp - now end of lifed with no support

Jul 27 13:17:43 NOTICE[3698]: chan_mgcp.c:1656 find_subchannel_and_lock: Gateway ‘00405a13d1f7’ (and thus its endpoint ‘d001’) does not exist

callerid = “MGCP Test” <3621>

The phone has a static IP address and is on the network.

Any MGCP experts out there that know how to set up the location of the phone for call routing and what is d001?

Any info appreciated…


Robert McNaught

Hi Robert,

I’m currently progress in lg-nortel asterisk connection.
It seems that this phone is not 100% compitble with the MGCP standart
HN is HN(N) on nortel phones.

I currently try to modify chan_mgcp.c to make them works.
As i was saying, I will post my (buggy) working code on the forum

Bye !!


Hi Robert,

I’ve made a lot a progress “discuss” mgcp between Lg-nortel phone and asterisk but i’m currently facing a dead end because I cannot see the phone works.
I was thinking that you perhaps can help me.
Have you got a system ( not asterisk) working with those phones and, in this case, could you dump the mgcp connecting process?
I explain :
Actually the phone doesn’t works because I’m not able to replicate the way it connect to the pbx (I’ve read the standard RFC3435 many times without found the right way to do so).
the way to dump the phone discuss is :
1- the pabx is a unix like system : unplug a phone, launch a tcpdump on the port 2427 with full dump until the phone says “connect” instead of ( connecting…)
2- the pabx is not a unix like system ( it’s a little bit complicate ) :
- launch a dump using a windows util with the network card in “steal” mode
- plug a linux system on the phone network and launch a tcpdump with src host = pabx_ip and dst host = phone_ip

I hope you can do something , I’ve really found the way to change chan_mgcp.c file but it will be useless without this information.

Thank you



The phone I had is gone now, I borrowed it from the customer and have given it back and the customer did not want us to spend any more time on it, it had no LCD, and was configured from a web interface, which I put on a static IP - an lg6804mgcp if I remember correctly.

The progress I made was figuring out how to configure mgcp.conf and getting the phone to register, then giving it up as something appeared to b e making the phone reboot constantly - did not have the time or energy to work on this further - although these phones seem quite common… so this is something beneficial to asterisk.

I can send you the mgcp.conf file and a log dump when I was working through this if this would help, maybe you will see if you had identical problems connecting as I did.

Is this your email address? - (


Robert McNaught

Hi Robert,

Aaaarg …
To late …
I’m sorry to hear that, I hope my own customer will be able to do the things I was asking to you …
But whatever, you put your finger on something that I have forgot : Is the web interface mandatory to set the phone …
I don’t think but on those legacy devices nobody knows …

For your second question, yes it’s my professionnal mail address

I will contact my customer tomorrow to get the files but I will be pleased to received your log, just to compare the results I get on my side.

Thank you again Robert and as english/usa people say :
See Ya !!


Ok Yann, just sent you an email with the data - I thought there would be a way to put attachments on this forum, maybe I am just not seeing it.