MGCP Vodavi or LG/Nortel 68xx phones


I try to find informations about the way to use Nortel/Vodavi phone with Asterisk using MGCP.
It seems that it connects but nothing works ( no buttons, no dial, etc)

Is anyone try theses phones with asterisk ?
If yes, could you give me a mgcp.conf sample

ps: I’ve tried with asterisk v1.2 and 1.4 both released

Thank you in advance


did you have any findings with this, I am trying to do exactly the same thing and only 2 days later, I have a customer who has existing mgcp phones lg 6804s and 6830s

Jul 27 12:15:55 NOTICE[2000]: chan_mgcp.c:1656 find_subchannel_and_lock: Gateway ‘00405a13d1f7’ (and thus its endpoint ‘d001’) does not exist

this is the message i get on the console

this is the relevant dump of mgcp.conf

callerid = “MGCP Test” <3621>

i have not idea where it is getting d001 from, either way it seems it cannot find…

Have you had any luck with this - there seems very little out there on the internet, just curious




I don’t know what this address do here, perhaps a copy/paste trouble …

Else I will get a 6830 phone soon a launch a full test set to make it run,
I will post the solution here


i did find out a little later that the lines should be d001,d002 etc, but still never had success with the phone, it appeared to register, which was a big step, but the phone rebooted every 10 seconds, dont know if that means anything to you, i know almost nada about mgcp…


I will try to make it works using the mgcp standard description paper, let see if I can find something …
I already have a little idea about the wait to make it works under asterisk, I check that and reply with, at least, a new test,


thanks a lot mate