Asterisk mgcp support


I currently work for a Digium Reseller and have been trying to get Business Edition & Open Source asterisk to work with an MGCP phone a customer of mine has. The phone is an LG 6804/6830 - these phones are end-of-lifed, and ended up having no success - believe this is the phone at fault as opposed to asterisk.

However, my point of discussion is this, after trailing forums and google for most of the day figuring out MGCP and asterisk - why is nobody using it?? there is almost no support for MGCP is asterisk despite the fact that asterisk does do it? and has done I believe since the start.

There must be millions of MGCP endpoint devices which are in operation in proprietary solutions. Ideally, asterisk could replace the proprietary PBX and the customer could keep their endpoint devices they have invested in? rather than asking the customer to buy new sip phones.

Am I missing something?

Robert McNaught
IP Global Voice, Inc