Voicemail Stutter Tone Indicator

TL;DR: Need a MWI in the form of a stutter tone for our wireless DECT system running on Elastix.

But I do explain some important details…

Hey all, n00b to pbx here. I’ve made a lot of successful tweaks and workaround’s for our new pbx system. We’re running Elastix v2.4.0 on a SFF PC w/a Dual 1.6Ghz AMD APU, 64GB SSD and 4GB DDR3. We currently have 9 users, and 12 extensions. We’re a computers support store, so we’re moderately savvy with tech talk and troubleshooting. Hope someone can help. :smile:

We’re using one of the only compatible VoIP phone systems we can - As we’re constantly moving around in the store, we needed a wireless DECT phone system. We have the Grandstream DP715 system with DP710 accessory handsets. It’s a very basic phone with limited GUI, but still has all the important features built in (ie. transferring, forwarding, paging, hold, parking, etc.). The only feature that it’s lacking (which is critically annoying) is a or MWI (message waiting indicator), or maybe it’s called VMI? (voicemail indicator). Normally, a base station has a light of some kind, but sadly not this one.

Now here’s the unique part of our issue (not sure if it matters, but I set this up, possibly wrong). We have 3 user extensions in each building. Those 3 users are rang via ringallv2 (meaning, they all ring at the same time) and if none of the 3 users answer within 20 seconds, they send you to a VMbox on a different extension. Hard to explain, but lets just say the extensions are 101,102,103 and they fail over to VM ext 199. We had to do this because we didn’t want to check 3 different VM’s. (Was there a better way?)

Sooooooo, what we’re trying to accomplish is to have all 3 of those users know if there is an unheard VM on ext 199 (which by the way, doesn’t ring, it just takes messages) via a stutter tone when they dial out. This is the most effective idea I’ve come up with that we can use, but if you have any other ideas, please let us know. I know VM to email is an option, but honestly, the setup for the IMAP was just retarded looking. I feel like it should have a spot for incoming/outgoing/user/pass right under VM options. So, alternatively, if anyone knows the quick/easy way to setup VM to email, feel free to enlighten me.

PS. The winning answer to this post gets 5,000 who’s line is it anyway points.