Meetme VAD

I’m currently running Asterisk and have noticed that parties in a MeetMe conference are subjected to some kind of silence supression or VAD. Is this function able to be disabled, or was this an unintentional “feature” in this version of Asterisk?

I note that a similar setup running Asterisk does not exhibit the same behaviour, but unfortunately upgrading to the later version of Asterisk is not something that can be undertaken easily.

The ideal solution would be a simple change in configuration that I’ve overlooked, but even replacing a shared library or something to that effect would probably be OK.

VAD is not supported by asterisk.

Excellent. How do I disable this unwanted feature?

I thought often meetme audio issues were related to timing problems… i cant remember but I THOUGHT there were some changes to the timing methods between 1.6.0.x and 1.6.2.x, I dont have the changelog in front of me, but it is easy enough to search for it online and find it… I remember having issues using dahdi_dummy as my timing source… ive moved onto 1.8.11 and these issues are gone for me… 1.6.0.x in general caused me grief… was a good load for me…