About asterisk meetme apps problems

Hi, all
I’m a new guy to asterisk and interesting in the meetme apps. My question is ‘Does asterisk conference support the Voice Active Detector or something else like that’. If the asterisk doesn’t support VAD, then if one meeting has more than 3 participants, whose voice will be mixed and whose will be not? If the asterisk meetme apps mixes the the participants’ voice, then how to ensure the quality of voice?


At the moment asterisk does not support VAD. When setting up a conference asterisk mix’s all the calls together based on who you set up the room. You can set that user A,B and C can talk while D, E and F can only listen. Also IMHO vad is not the solution. VAD only kicks in when there is no silence and lowers bandwidth usage. If you set the user with VAD to be able to talk (if asterisk supported VAD) the channel will still be mixed in even if there is no audio coming in.