Meetme feature requests

I am looking to replace an Avaya conference bridge with an Asterisk based system but I am having difficulty mimicking the same user experience.

The call flow is as follows

There is a single DID number published to external callers
When a caller dials in to the bridge an announcement is played “Please enter a security code” (This is either a participant code or a moderator code of which there are hundreds of paired codes which create hundreds of separate conference rooms)
The user enters a participant code and is held listening to MOH
A moderator calls the same DID, hears the same announcement and enters their moderator code. All participants are taken off hold and placed in call.
When the moderator leaves the call the conference is closed and all calls drop off.

There are other features which can be enable like lecture mode, a moderator can toggle mute all callers etc. There are two distinct sets of menus participants can very little accept adjust volumes. Moderators can drop callers lock a conference so no extra callers can enter the call for security. We even have the ability to assign the features with the numbers we prefer.

So my question is how much of this can Asterisk do today in its latest version and what’s the road map for conference features?

Is anyone at Digium interested in developing conferencing features further?

it does all of those things [on asterisk 1.4]. what else do you want?

I am happy to be proved wrong but this is not true
You either have to have a separate extension for each room or you are prompted for room then your pin.
If anyone has an example of the dial plan and meetme.conf which shows this working on a single number I would be very interested to see it.

On other systems you have a single number and depending on your pin will drop you into the correct room (No need to enter the room number or dial a separate extension number)

Wish list
Record name before enter
Adjustable volume per member TX and RX
Send dtmf to conference
Create your own DTMF feature map
Manager interface
Talker detection
Support for large numbers of simultaneous conferences (400+) with large number of participants (20+)
Mix of multiple codecs to mitigate against transcoding