Feature keys within a conference

Using the Meetme() conferencing app in asterisk, I’m trying to set my own featurekeys, rather than use the default menu provided by the meetme ‘s’ option. For a simple example, in extensions.conf, I want the host to be able to get a count of callers, and each caller to mute themselves:

exten => 1011,1,Set(DYNAMIC_FEATURES=usercount)
exten => 1011,2,Meetme(101,aA) ; host
exten => 1012,1,Set(DYNAMIC_FEATURES=mute-self)
exten => 1012,2,Meetme(101,wMx) ; caller

and in features.conf

usercount => #0,self/caller,MeetmeCount,101
mute-self => *1,self/caller,MeetmeAdmin,101|M

I have tested applicationmap settings in a direct call, and Meetme with the standard ‘s’ option in a conference, and both work as expected. With the above, the conference works, but any keystrokes are ignored.

Maybe the Asterisk box simply can’t hear the digits?

Perhaps you need to change your SIP client to send the DTMF ‘inband’ instead of as via SIP or via RFC2833…?