Meetme Conference Admin mode

We are currently setup and using Asterisk for a conference bridge but not as out primary phone system. We are having a problem using the admin feature of the Meetme application since our users call in using a toll free 877 line and do not all have their own extensions. The dial in is directed to the meetme.conf where the user is prompted for a room.

How can we differentiate the callers so we can mark or use admin mode to place one person in control? is this possible without each caller having their own extension?

We only have 10 DIDs and many more users wanting to use the conference bridge so we can’t assign each users their own DID as we are currently setup.

I’m going to reccomend “web-meetme” for all your needs here. You can download it here:

It will make your life a whole lot easier, as far as setting up conference calls go. It will also give you a different pass for people who are admins vs everyone else. No need for sorting via caller-id or anything like that.