Enable MeetMe conference with admin and users mode using one Incoming DID

I am Currently using Asterisk 16.5.1 version to test conference

I need to Use one number for all the users to join the conference in an particular room but I need to set admin mode and user mode for that room .
The conference will not start until the admin enters the room with same DID in Incoming.
The conference will end if admin leaves the room.

Please help me with this scenario in asterisk Meetme conference

You should be using ConfBridge and not Meetme in Asterisk 16. Look at this link for ConfBridge configuration options, especially marked, wait_marked and end_marked options.

@satish4asterisk Exactly the confbridge options are very useful to derive the dialplan.

But can you provide the sample dialplan working in conference?

No I don’t have anything tailor-made for this particular situation. However if you go through Asterisk wiki and google search, you should get some hints like this one

Thank u so much for ur response…

done. I will try the same.

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