WARNING[17747]: app_meetme.c:4193 admin_exec: Conference number '4000' not found!

I need to execute the admin mode feature in bridge conference…

For that i am using MeetMeAdmin using app_meetme.conf in asterisk server

I am referring this link


But i am getting the above subjected error…plz help me to sort out this issue

The warning seems straight forward. Is there such a conference? Did you look at the configuration and confirm?

yes you are right the warning seems straight forward…

Actually I had created conference room with 4000 in meetme.conf like below
conf => 4000,123,1234

It is working using MeetMe() application but Not MeetMeAdmin()

And “meetme list” shows it?

yes it shows like below


That’s a different conference room. If you are in the conference room does it appear there?

If i am using the application MeetMe() in dialplan , it shows like


But i am unable to originate call via MeetMeAdmin() application in dialplan

That shows an additional conference room of 6000, but your warning was for 4000. When providing logs and testing things and expecting help here you need to ensure that you are using the same thing throughout. Changing up configuration or other things just confuses or complicates it.

My configuration worked for the application MeetMe but not MeetMeAdmin()