MeetMe Audio Directions

I asked this question before, without a response, so I’ll reword it:

MeetMe allows you to specify if a user can talk, listen or both, based on the user. The question is, if a user is set to Talk Only, can a different user be allow to talk in a way that Talk Only users can hear?

I want this to allow the conference presenter to be able to hear questions from the audience, while the audience can ONLY hear the presenter.

Thats not possible.

Meetme is a “source based” application, means: It decides if a “leg” can send or receive or both.

But there is no “routing logic” like “A can talk to B while C can only talk to A and B can only listen to C”.

Thanks for the response. It seems to me that a flag that would allow an override could be in order. An additional flag called, Presenter, or something like that, would always be routed to all channels, reguardless of other flags. Just a suggestion. Someday, when I get out from under my current projects, I’ll look at the code.

The problem is not a single flag, you need kind of a “matrix” here, determining which legs of a conference are (allowed) to “touch” each other.

Thats FAR more then a simple flag - unfortunatly…